Breast Cancer Research Group of UC Irvine ~ Site Map

4 Main Areas of Discussion

  1. Risk, Prevention, & Screening
    1. Breast Cancer Risk
    2. Prevention of Breast Cancer
    3. Breast Cancer Screening
  2. Breast Cancer Diagnosis
    1. Breast Imaging for Cancer Treatment:
      Digital Mammography, Dedicated Breast
      MRI, Breast Ultrasound and PET / CT
    2. Biopsy and Pathologic Evaluation:
      Tissue Examination and Core Needle Biopsy
  3. Individualized Treatment Options After Diagnosis
    1. Designing An Individualized Treatment Plan
    2. Second Opinion Clinic
    3. Clinical Studies and Breast Cancer Trials
    4. Immune System Modulation in Breast Cancer Treatment
    5. Treatment Response Monitoring for Breast Cancer
    6. Prevention of Breast Cancer Recurrence
    7. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Options
  4. Recurrent Breast Cancer Treatment
    1. Local or Regional Recurrence of Breast Cancer
    2. Distant (or Metastatic) Recurrence
Individual Research Topics

FAQ - Questions

- I'm a healthy person, but should I worry about getting breast cancer?
- I've heard that cancer is treatable if it is caught early. What can I do to find it early?
- My mother was told she has breast cancer. What can I do to ensure that I don't get breast cancer as well?

- I'm having breast pains. What should I do?
- I have discharge from my nipple. What should I do?
- My breast is red and swollen. Do I have breast cancer?
- I found a lump in my breast. Is it cancer?

- I've been diagnosed with breast cancer. What treatments are right for me?
- I like my doctor, but I would like to know more about other options. Who do I call?
- I'm making treatment choices. Could a clinical trial be right for me?
- I've finished chemotherapy…what next?

- I have a history of breast cancer. Now I have a lump in my other breast. What are my options?
- My breast cancer came back where my surgery was. What now?
- I was told my breast cancer came back, but now it's not in my breast. How will I be treated?

Profiles for Physicians and Researchers