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Second Opinion Clinic

Often times, breast patients are reassured when they hear from other experts that the diagnostic and treatment plan, which their doctors have designed for them, is a good one. UC Irvine offers breast patients the opportunity to obtain recommendations from our multidisciplinary panel of experts in our “Second Opinion Clinic”. The UC Irvine breast health team believes that providing this service is a unique and valuable contribution to the care of all breast health patients while maintaining the highest standards for up to date care within the community.

Breast health patients wishing to be seen for a second opinion will be asked to provide permission for our health care team to obtain their medical records and other information. A quality second opinion is critically dependent upon the availability of all imaging and biopsy data along with the standard medical record. It is possible, especially if there is limited time before the patient’s appointment, that we will request that the patient obtain and bring this information with them.

UC Irvine breast health physicians will communicate their recommendations to both the breast health patient and their treating physician. Some breast health patients may want to consider participating in one or more of the available clinical studies. Our Breast Health Team can work with community physicians to coordinate patient participation while maintaining their treatment by their community physician. As the only academic medical center in Orange county and as one of only 39 NCI designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the nation, our panel of breast health experts provides a valuable resource to breast health patients and their treating physicians.

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