Dr. Stephen Feig, MD

Dr. Stephen Feig, MD

Professor of Clinical Radiology
Department of Radiological Sciences, Mammography Division
Bldg. 20, Rt. 140

Dr. Stephen Feig, MD is focused on breast imaging and diagnostic studies. Dr. Feig participates in multiple clinical trials and is a member of the Breast Center.

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Research Profile

1. What is your breast cancer specialty?

Breast Imaging

2. Why is this an important part of breast cancer care?

Screening mammography often results in earlier detection allowing more and better therapeutic options – i.e. lumpectomy rather than mastectomy, as well as mortality reduction.

Diagnostic breast imaging – including mammography and ultrasound – is key to evaluation of clinical signs and symptoms of breast disease, as well as abnormal findings detected at screening.

3. How is this different then what might be offered in the community (outside of UC Irvine )?

Being an academic center wehave the most knowledgeable and very best qualified radiologists. We also can perform image-guided biopsies with ultrasound and stereotactic guidance which allow more accurate diagnoses and better cosmetic results.

4. What will my (the patient) experience be like?

Because we have a true multidisciplinary breast center including surgeons , radiologists,radiation oncologists,medical oncologists, genetic counselors in a single center ,we can provide more convenient, better ,faster care. The UC Irvine breast center is a warm environment with friendly, caring staff.

5. What current studies, or novel options within your specialty are currently available?

None right now at UC Irvine Med Center, Orange Campus but within the next 6 months we should have automated whole breast ultrasound screening and high resolution breast MRI. We have also asked the hospital to get us digital mammography and CAD (computer-aided detection) for mammography.

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