Dr. Rita Mehta, MD Dr. Rita Mehta, MD

Associate Health Science Professor
Department of Medicine, Hematology/Oncology Division

Bldg 23, Room 244, Rt 81

Dr. Rita Mehta, MD is a breast health care physician focused on investigation of improved chemotherapeutic regimens including neo-adjuvant dose-dense therapies and incorporating new biological compounds to target the breast cancer cells, the tumor blood vessels, and/or to enhance patient's anti-tumor immunity. Dr. Mehta performs her studies along with Drs. Butler, Hsiang, Nelson, and Tromberg in addition to participating in other clinical studies.

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Research Profile

1. What is your breast cancer specialty?

Breast oncology

2. Why is this an important part of breast cancer care?

Patients get early access to cutting-edge diagnostic, prognostic and treatment modalities. These new modalities have helped us individualize treatment option for each patient based on the molecular profiling of their individual tumors. Additionally, it has allowed intense monitoring oftreatment response, allowing us to switch to alternative effective treatment early, resulting in high rates of microscopic remission.

3. How is this different then what might be offered in the community (outside of UC Irvine )?

Patients had early access to drugs like trastuzumab, bevacizumab on clinical trials even before the widespread use of these drugs in the community outside of UC Irvine. These patients have the improved odds of the breast cancer cure dramatically.

4. What will my (the patient) experience be like?

The specialist team approach to managing breast cancer gives patients a sense of comfort that they are getting the best care available by knowledgeable physicians/pharmacists/nurses/radiologists/physicists/basic scientists.

5. What current studies, or novel options within your specialty are currently available?

There are important breast cancer trials in every stage of breast cancer.

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