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Dr. Homayoon Sanati, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor
Department of Medicine
101 City Drive South, Orange, California 92868-4061

Dr. Sanati has completed his undergraduate studies in biochemistry at UCLA. He has worked a research associate at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in the division of infectious diseases. He then completed a Masters degree in applied physiology and his medical doctorate degree from Chicago Medical School. Dr. Sanati started his postgraduate training in internal medicine at UC Irvine Medical Center. He then completed his fellowship in a combined geriatrics and medical oncology program at UCLA Medical Center. Dr. Sanati has joined the division of hematology/oncology at UC Irvine Medical Center in October of 2006.

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Research Profile

1. What is your breast cancer specialty?

I treat breast cancer with chemotherapy, hormonal treatments and new targeted-treatments.

2. Why is this an important part of breast cancer care?

These treatments have shown to reduce the rate of breast cancer recurrence and improve survival.

3. How is this different then what might be offered in the community (outside of UC Irvine )?

Timing of the treatments can be different from the treatments that are offered in the community. We often treat larger breast cancer tumor with chemotherapy before the surgery to improve the outcome of the surgery. We also monitor the response to treatments with breast MRI imaging and change the treatments based on the response seen on MRI.

4. What will my (the patient) experience be like?

Patient will experience a more comprehensive treatment approach. Physicians at the Breast Cancer Center work closely with each other and often communicate routinely about their patients. On few occasions, patients are seen by different specialist on the same visit.

5. What current studies, or novel options within your specialty are currently available?

There are many different studies available at Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center which is National Cancer Institute designated center. These studies evaluate different chemotherapy treatments in various setting. We can offer a clinical trial to most of our breast patients, and by enrolling them in clinical trials, patients can get the cutting edge treatments for breast cancer.

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