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Dr. Choong Baick, MD (Emeritus)

Clinical Professor
Department of Surgery, Surgical Oncology Division
Cancer Center

Dr. Choong Baick, MD is Clinical Director of the UC Irvine Breast Health Center and participates in clinical studies evaluating imaging, treatment, and prevention of breast cancer. Dr. Baick's clinical interests span the entire range of issues related to normal and abnormal breast health.

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Research Profile

Women receive inconsistent quality health care for breast disease mainly because of lack of expertise, rather than lack of good intentions. With breast cancer being the most common excluding skin cancer in women, and with women becoming better informed and more assertive in seeking treatment of medical disorders, it is understandable that this patient population in increasing. In order to offer truly comprehensive and appropriate care to women with breast disease, specialization in breast disease is mandatory.

Recognizing the inadequacies in health care for breast disease and the tremendous increase in research and information regarding diagnosis and treatment, in March of 1988 C. H. Baick, M.D. limited his surgical practice solely to breast cancer, breast disease and related problems. “I have had a special interest in breast disease for almost all of my professional life. I saw the incidence of breast cancer increasing to epidemic proportions and decided that, in order for me to give the best-quality care to women, I needed to stop doing general surgery and devote all of my time to breast disease. I have done breast-cancer surgery exclusively since 1988.”

Breast disease is a complex issue that requires personalized therapy to ensure the best treatment results for each individual patient. At UCI’s Breast Group the goal is to provide each patient with an accurate and complete diagnosis and the information she and her family need in order to make informed decisions regarding treatment and to provide comprehensive treatment.

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