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New Medical Therapies
UC Irvine clinical investigators are testing whether current drugs can be administered more effectively or combined into more active combinations. Our patients also have access to new drugs or therapies that are not yet widely available to all breast cancer patients. We combine many studies with advanced imaging technologies in order to make sure that an individual patient's tumor is responding appropriately to the selected treatments.
  • Neo-Adjuvant Dose Dense Chemotherapy
    This is chemotherapy given before a tumor is removed by surgery. Dr Rita Mehta has developed and extensively studied this approach. Her studies have demonstrated that we can safely give this therapy and that in the majority of cases only dead tumor is found when surgery is performed. This approach has more recently been combined with biological therapies.
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  • Targeted Therapy for Breast Cancer
    As we have gained an increasing understanding of how tumor cells behave and live, we have identified new, more specific targets for eliminating tumor cells. UC Irvine clinicians are participating in and provide access for our patients to several cooperative group studies investigating these new therapeutic agents.
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  • New Hormonal Therapies
    Dr. Homayoon Sanati is working with Dr. Eva Lee to translate her exciting findings from the laboratory into improved hormonal therapy for breast cancer patients.
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  • Immunotherapies
    Dr. Edward Nelson and Dr. Rita Mehta have recently completed a study of Leukine in conjunction with dose-dense neoadjuvant chemotherapy and showed that use of this growth factor modulates an important type of immune cell that controls immunity. Other immune based therapies are in the pipeline.

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