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Improving Quality Of Life -

UC Irvine Breast cancer clinicians and researchers are exploring ways to make life after a diagnosis of breast cancer better. This includes ways to minimize the toxicities of treatment, the after-effects of being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer, and the stressed of having a breast concern. These efforts require the coordinated efforts of many disciplines and researchers with diverse areas of expertise.

  • High Risk Patients
    Individuals who have relatives with breast cancer often are concerned and wonder what their risk of developing breast cancer is. Dr. Karen Lane and Edith Smith NP have a high risk clinic that specifically addresses these concerns.
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  • Quality of Life
    We now understand that breast cancer patients can be anxious and feel lost when their treatment ends. Dr. Karen Lane and Dr Lari Wenzel are developing ways to improve breast cancer patient's quality of life after they have completed treatment.
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  • Caring Staff
    Our entire staff is focused on ways to make our patient's experiences less challenging. Donna Jackson, RN and Toni Schubbert RN along with our breast clinicians gather information that define critical areas for improvement of breast health care delivery.
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  • ChemoBrain
    Studies are underway to investigate new optical imaging technologies for the detection of biological changes associated with the phenomenon called "Chemo-Brain". Dr. Edward Nelson and members of the Beckman Laser Institute are conducting these studies.
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  • School of Nursing
    With the establishment of a School of Nursing at UC Irvine we anticipate additional clinical research opportunities for our breast cancer patients to influence the future care of those diagnosed with breast cancer.

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