The Cancer Genetics Clinic at UC Irvine Medical Center evaluates individuals and families who have questions about their family’s cancer history. Although most cancers are not hereditary, in some families a predisposition to cancer can be passed from one generation to the next. Alterations in certain genes can significantly increase the risk of developing particular types of cancer. A genetic evaluation may help clarify if the patient or patient’s family members have a higher chance to develop cancer. The evaluation entails reviewing personal and family medical history, obtaining relevant medical records, assessing the chance that a hereditary syndrome is causing the cancers in the family, and in some cases a physical examination and/or genetic test.

Determining hereditary cancer risk can have several benefits. In some cases the evaluation may show that family members are at no higher cancer risk than the general population. If a person is found to have a hereditary predisposition to cancer, they may be able to reduce their cancer risk by having more frequent screening (for example, mammograms), by taking certain medications, or by having preventive surgery before cancer occurs. Evaluation in the Cancer Genetics Clinic is usually covered by insurance, just as any other specialty consultation.

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