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Epidemiology and Genetics
UC Irvine Researchers in this field are studying both model systems and large populations to determine the genetic basis of breast cancer, define new breast cancer risk factors, and examine questions pertaining to consequences of breast cancer treatment.

  • Hoda Anton-Culver, PhD
    Dr Anton-Culver uses uses epidemiologic studies to address questions of what causes breast cancer, what are the consequences of breast cancer treatment, and issues surrounding genetic screening for breast cancer. Dr. Anton-Culver collaborates with Drs. Karen Lane, David Hsiang, and Lari Wenzel.
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  • James Brody, MD
    Dr. Brody integrates epidemiologic data with mathematical models to understand how cancer develops and becomes resistance to treatment. He also studies the molecular biology and biochemical analysis of a module of genes expressed in breast cancers.
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  • Eva Lee, PhD
    Dr Lee studies how alterations in various genes impact the development of breast cancer using sophisticated genetic models. These models are providing critical insights into the interactions between the various genetic alterations seen in breast cancers.
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  • Susan Neuhausen, PhD
    Dr. Neuhausen's primary research interest is to identify genes that cause and/or increase susceptibility to common diseases including breast cancer. In collaboration with distinguished researchers around the world, she is continuing to study women who carry BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations in order to identify gene variants that modify their risks of developing cancer.
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  • Lari Wenzel, PhD
    Dr Wenzel studies issues of cancer survivorship and investigates strategies to improve patients quality of life and survival. Dr Wenzel has combined with Dr. Anton-Culver to address the quality of life issues surrounding the genetic screening of potential BRCA-1 carrier populations.

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