Mammogram - X-Ray Image


Researchers in this field are studying how normal cells and cancer cells respond to and/or handle exposure to hormones or hormone like environmental exposures.

  • Bruce Blumberg, PhD
    Dr. Blumberg studies a receptor that responds to various drugs, dietary or xenobiotic components, and hormones. This receptor is over-expressed in many breast cancers suggesting that it may provide a link between breast cancer and the environment.
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  • Eva Lee, PhD
    Dr Lee studies how alterations in various genes impact the development of breast cancer using sophisticated genetic models. These models have recently implicated the hormone progesterone in the growth of tumors with the BRCA mutations. This groundbreaking work is driving clinical investigations with Dr. Homayoon Sonati.
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  • Dr. Ellis Levin, MD
    Dr Levin studies how variants of the estrogen receptor impact the development and behavior of breast cancers. He, like Dr Lee above, studies the function of BRCA-1.

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