Mammogram - X-Ray Image


Breast Optical Imaging -

UC Irvine clinicians are working with scientists who specialize in advanced optics to develop and test new imaging technologies based on regular light instead of X-rays or radioactivity. UC Irvine and the Beckman Laser Institute (BLI) are world leaders in this effort.
  • Diffuse Optical Scanning
    This technology was pioneered at UC Irvine and is undergoing early clinical evaluation and refinement. Dr. David Hsiang is the Lead investigator for the UC Irvine program to advance this technology and Dr. John Butler is the Lead Clinician for the multi-center evaluation of this technology within the NCI funded Network for Translational Research: Optical Imaging (NTROI).
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  • Center for Onco-Imaging
    The Center for Onco-Imaging is designing equipment and the technology to merge another advanced optical imagining diffuse optical tomography (DOT) with MRI technologies in one instrument. Although clinical studies of this technology are not yet underway, we anticipate that initial clinical applications will be initiated later in 2008. The Center for Onco-imaging is headed by Dr. Orhan Nalcioglu and this specific breast DOT imaging program is directed by Dr. Gultekin Gulsen and Dr. David Hsiang will be the Lead investigator the future clinical study.
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  • Latest Study Models
    Studies are underway to investigate new optical imaging technologies for the detection of biological changes associated with the phenomenon called "Chemo-Brain". Dr. Edward Nelson and members of the Beckman Laser Institute are conducting these studies.

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